COVID-19 Insurance-Related Blogs and Articles for March and April 2020

During March and April, the Squire Patton Boggs insurance group has authored several blog posts, alerts and articles on the insurance and reinsurance issues arising from the novel coronavirus pandemic.  These range from regulatory updates, to business interruption coverage analysis, to reinsurance issues.  We thought it might be good to list them here in one blog post for easy reference.  We hope that these have been of value to you as you consider the various insurance issues arising from the pandemic.

The Facts Matter in Prospective Coverage Disputes Over COVID-19

And So It Begins: The COVID-19 Coverage Cases Start

Businesses Scramble to Assess Insurance Coverage for COVID-19

Can Coverage for COVID-19 Be Excluded?

Civil Authority Orders and COVID-19 Coverage

COVID-19 and Waiting Periods Under Business Interruption Coverage

Some Preliminary Thoughts on Reinsurance Issues and COVID-19

Whether a Partial or Complete Cessation of Business Is Required for BI Coverage – COVID-19

COVID-19 Coverage Litigation Escalates

Can Fear or Emotional Distress Associated With COVID-19 Be a “Bodily Injury”?

Businesses Scramble to Assess Business Interruption Insurance Coverage for COVID-19

Reinsurance and COVID-19

The COVID-19 DJ Wars Are Escalating

Fighting State COVID-19-Related Insurance Coverage Mandates

Does the Novel Coronavirus Cause Direct Physical Loss of or Damage to Property?

Podcast: Proposed Legislation Surrounding COVID-19

US Federal Action on Business Interruption Insurance

COVID-19 Insurance in France

COVID-19 Insurance Regulatory Updates

COVID-19 Insurance Regulatory Updates – April 13

COVID-19 and Additional Regulatory Directives for Insurance Companies

Insurance Departments and Congress Address COVID-19 Coverage and Risks in Myriad of Regulatory Directives That Impact All Lines of Insurance

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